The choice to be with God

the choice to be with God or the choice to be in a marriage should not be found on the outer factors for example Beauty pleasure feelings and so on but on my own conscious choice. Faith isn’t always pleasurable. God’s ways are sometimes very painful so is marriage. My wife won’t be always beautiful but never the less I want to be with her. It is my choice. even though now she may be beautiful it is important to know that I want to be with her even though she would not be and will not be always physically attractive . same with God. I want to be faithful because my heart tells me so and all empirical evidence may claim the opposite. I should stand by what I believe is right even though everything May support opposite. This is inevitability of God .if I relativize Everything then I am God-less . if I find my heart’s voice then I know always what is right and what is wrong. We may never know the truth but belief is even more important than truth because belief is real . Take for example abortions. If I’m told to have a mutilated child and am recommended to have an abortion then I may logically follow what is easier for me. on the other hand if I believe in sacredness of life then I would never let any soul to die. Abortion is as well as anti conception always the easy choice. I do not want to sound dogmatic and say that all abortions and all anti conception cases are wrong or evil but it seems to me very improbable that there could be any good in it. Abstractly we can say that these things are evil but concrete cases and concrete people have to decide for themselves. Everyone is responsible only for his or hers own salvation . I cannot judge if someone else’s actions are good or evil because their conscience and their freedom is their uniqueness but not mine. I can only decide for myself what I do . it is important to tell other people what I think is good or evil but I must always know that I never know for sure. I can only be sure about my own conscience and my own choices.


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