same actions, different purposes

Can masturbation always be wrong? In concrete cases and concrete people I can never judge but abstractly I can talk objectively about the evil of masturbation because it changes the approach of love for another person in approach of pseudo love towards me and my ego. freud In one of his lectures said that moderate masturbation is better then potential creation of a neurosis because of celibacy or afraid of sinning by masturbating because of religious fear. on the other hand can there be a moderate sin? if i punish for example my child for behaving Badly and I’m doing it consciously and with a clear conscience then such punishment is not evil. On the other hand if I release through of the same action aggression towards others-by punishing them, the amount of punishment may be the same but the purpose is different . two actions may seem the same but what matters is the inner Drive which drives us to perform any action. Our actions maybe led by God, by our conscience or by our human base needs. It is important to distinguish between these two.


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