Exculpation of sin

Exculpation of sin is sinful. I sin even before the actual sin i try to exculpate. Once I try to persuade myself that something is not sinful than this behavior is sinful so i sin even begore the sin I’m trying to avoid. Some people are so much immersed in what they believe is right or wrong and follow concrete traits that they believe in so much that it clouds what really is Good and Evil . Concerning concrete people and cases we must always be careful to judge what is good and evil .only via words we can reach an absolute consensus about our lives and Society in general, what is good and what is evil, and expect better tomorrows. A politician said for example that the case of global warming is not so typical today and fortunately we do not need to be concerned about it and leave it for future Generations. Concretely we can never judge such a politician but everything suggests that such behavior is evil and we can absolutely agree on that leaving problems for others is not the right thing to do. It is making things easier for me instead of taking responsibility. in abstract terms I believe it is possible to reach an absolute consensus that’s such a behavior is sinful and evil.


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