Descriptive and prescriptive words

When I use words in a communication, the words or the results of the Words has to be understandable for everybody .if someone uses words for a relative purpose or for his purposes of describing individual unique experience then we can never reach an absolute consensus, absolute understanding . Basically words used for descriptivism are always relative because how things are cannot be put into relative words. words that aim to absolute Heights describe what is good and what is evil and via a description of situations we can reach an absolute consensus. Prescription is what matters. how things should be not how things are- when we discuss how things should be ,morality and difference between good and evil we are led by our conscience and in a sincere discussion can reach an absolute consensus. Words which are inevitably relative can also reach absolute, objective not just subjective result. The relativity of words used for description of abstract situations and not our concrete via words umtransmittable experiences-descriptivism is not absolute.prescriptivism is the aim of words.


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