purpose of words

Let us not be satisfied with description of someone’s unique experience because this has to be experienced personally in order to understand it absolutely. A picture can be absolute if it expresses someone’s uniqueness. If a picture is a copy of reality then it is not absolute. Same with words. prescription is what matters most when we use words, how things should be not how things are-to express morality and this is absolute because it is absolutely agreed on and absolutely understandable- it is not a unique experience as opposed to describing someone’s unique experience which has to be experienced in order to be understandable absolutely. Words must be used in order to describe not unique experiences but abstract experiences which are approachable by everybody, understandable by everybody. this means not unique experiences but such that are understandable for all- abstract construction of situations about which we all without exception, if we are honest to ourselves and to others, agree that are evil or good.


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