Judging others

I think that one of the greatest danger is to judge someone and think that someone is a lost case , absolutely evil , good for capital punishment, for example psychopaths. They may not know ( may not want know) what is good and what is evil but I believe that everyone has a potential to understand through words what is good and what is evil. Choice is what makes us different from animals and thus every choice is good or evil and thus we have a potential to do a good choice- everyone can distinguish between Good and Evil, we have a conscience. We may not know what is good and what is evil right away but Through words of others we see the truth. We can arrive at an absolute consensus that is agreed on by everybody if we are sincere to ourselves . Those who do not understand words or do not have mental capacity to understand are not for us to judge. Mostly the case is that someone does not want to know what is good and what is evil because it is difficult. Doing the right choice is the most difficult thing in our lives. On the other hand I can never judge or Force others to do what I believe is right. Same with different religions. I think that to force someone to be a Catholic or Christian or anything else is doing evil as well as to ignore completely their salvation- my duty is according to my conscience to say what I believe is good but I never know what is definitely right . No one knows what is the truth for others, I can only judge my own actions.


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