when I deal with people I do not know, for example at a shop,i always try to say something that encourages them. I try to thank as much as possible and sometimes even when it is not necessary or when I should be the one that should hear Words of thanking. I always try to remember to say :you are so kind. for example at a restaurant people usually think about waitress as almost machines .it is so nice to say something more then people expect, for example saying :you are so kind or thinking them warmly . It does not hurt me , it makes me more humble, it helps me to appreciate work of other people and also appreciate myself. Let us not considerate people around us is doing their Duty but let us be thankful for everything they do for us even though they are paid for it. appreciation makes them happy and their happiness can also make us happy because by thanking them we are the source of their momentous happiness.

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