A constitution that puts the rights of everyone in the world on the same level is a meaning-less piece of paper.
This quote is from fleet sheet’s final word and claims that we do not have to let every refugee come to our land because how can we know that living here would be beneficial for them? On the one hand we should not dwell on our comfort and deny it to others because Comfort is not only other choice. We inherited most of the peace and stability we live in Western world. On the other hand peace and stability may not always be beneficial for people. You should know that the more difficulties one encounters the stronger one is. saying this is of course easy and a bit stupid when there are no bombs and gunfire around me but on the other hand saving a life is not first and foremost meaning of Our Lives. Paradoxically the meaning of our Lives is not keeping it for any price but the meaning of life is to die for truth. By this I emphasize very strongly that I do not mean dying for some fundamental,thought up truth as we see in terrorist attacks. the truth is more valuable than life, the truth can influence only our lives. We can never influence other people in other way than through the words .we see this in Christian martyrs. They were not afraid to tell the truth and they rather died than not follow it. They didn’t force the truth by force as we see in terrorist attacks but on the other hand they’re willing to sacrifice their life for what they believe is right. to die rather than accept evil is the meaning of our life. I do not claim that I’m so good as to sacrifice my life for truth but I try to be better and better everyday.


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