Ready for communion?

I was at a concession yesterday and was talking to the priest about my fear of sacrilege when accepting communion and not being sure weather I am ready to eat Christ flesh. one is never ready is what he told me and he is probably right. It is not about being ready but about willingness to be accepted by God and to accept him. The choice to be with God and to be good is the only thing he wants from us. Everything else is up to him because we can never be entirely and perfectly ready to accept him and he even does not want it . He does not want us to be perfect but to be humble and to know that we need Christ to be perfect. he wants us to want him. This applies to all sacraments .we should not be fearful whether we are ready to go to communion or to any other Sacrament but we should be willing to go and ( if we want to have a clear conscience ) we are preparing ourselves theoretically and practically. willingness is the most important thing. I should know that only God can prepare us . we do not need to be worry if we want to accept him and accept that only he can decide whether we are ready or not.


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