Sin vs siners

I saw a sticker saying – i love porn. the previous day I saw a billboard with a woman propagating possibly a fashion brand called young primitive. What can one think about these things? Can we say that to love porn or to be a young primitive is evil? We should never judge or be definitely sure about something to be good or evil but some things are more probable and some less probable to be good or evil. We can ask what is good about porn: .Living in a fantasy world , being dependent on illusion ,wasting time with virtual people , believing in subjection of women , believing that women like brutal practices, believing that the more men have sex with one woman and the harder they do it the more she like it, becoming lenient do punishing rapists and become intolerant to rape etc. Yet we should never judge end and say that this or that viewer of porn or a porn actor is evil. saying that we would join the fundamental and radical people that believe that they know the truth. Reasonable human believes in the truth but knows that one has to be open to a higher truth then is now known to him. On the other hand everyone, not only Christians, should be ready to say his opinion to have a clear conscience. Let us not be afraid to fight evil . Let us not be afraid to say that porn is evil .Let us love Sinners but hate sin as Christ says

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