Suicide dilemma

I just finished a book by Jojo Moyes called me before you. I must admit that final Pages just brought tears to my eyes. The inability to control one’s life is the worst thing one can experience. all he wanted was to control his life again and if he did not believe that this could be done from the wheelchair that one should not judge his choice. On the other hand in his letter to Louise he also wanted to change her life according to his Visions and Views. She had a choice to not follow his opinions but he on the other hand could not control his body and was dependent on others entirely. There was a also Stereotype of cleaning someone’s ass. This was talked about as something dirty . this I didn’t appreciate because as a social care worker these things are what I do for living. The more you do for people the better you are. One should know that everyone May some time in the old age or after an accident need such a help and should be more careful about despising cleaning asses. On the whole The book was an apology for free choice. People may never know that even a suicide may be a good thing. I do not believe that committing suicide is a good thing but we should not live in a paradigm of rigid Dogma and be open to the possibility that it may be a good thing. I do not believe that suicide is a good thing but I cannot judge this choice and neither can anyone on this planet.


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