Lunch at grandparents

I was at a lunch at my grandmother’s where I was literally forced to eat as much as possible -deserts and other meals. I was thinking why it is that grandparents want to eat their grandchildren so much? this is not only my case. I think that elderly people live still in the past when there was not enough food and that they think that the more they give us the more we will love them. Of course today it is not advisable to eat it as much as possible because we have in developed countries plenty of food and it is advisable to eat as little as possible to keep healthy .we should not blame elderly people for such a behavior because it is natural for them, they grow up in surrounding where that was not enough food . My grandmother grew up during the second world war and knows what it is like to be really hungry. Such experience is not transmittable for us and thus we cannot judge them for what they do


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