What should we pray for?

I was avoiding confession for a whole year. I think that fear is the greatest sin because it shows our distrust in God as well as Pride shows all trust in our self. To pray for help and strength says that I am humble. it is not saying that I am ridiculing or embarrassing myself, it is saying that I admit that there is something higher than myself. I think that to pray for concrete things is on one hand dangerous because I do not know whether I pray for a good thing but on the other hand we should know what we want because if we are humble we are sure what we should pray for. on one hand we should pray for God’s help which is an abstract thing and on the other we should pray for concrete things . If we pray only for concrete things then we again show that we believe in ourselves more than in God’s will. If we pray only for abstract things then we leave everything up to God and do not use potential of our freedom. Both options are not good. We should pray for God’s help so that we know which concrete things we should pray for. We also should know that God knows better than us and that also those concrete things may not come. Not dwelling on concrete sinks is a great wisdom. This basically says that we should pray for concrete things that should be open to anything that God gives us and not dwell on our visions.

Poslané z Fast notepad


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