Openness to the truth

It is so difficult to talk with unbelievers and atheists about Christianity . I do not mean so much Christianity as morality which should be inherent to everybody . I had an argument yesterday about consumerism and I am open and willing to accept that consumerism may be right for some people but when I try to persuade the other party to not dwell on the dogmatic view, on extreme Liberality and total relativity then the other party is very strongly opposed even to the hypothetical idea that self denial may be beneficial and good. Being old does not mean that one should not change one’s opinions .the proof that someone is wise is to know that nothing is finally truthful and that truth cannot be found but Has to be continually being found. We are arguing about whether self-restraint generally and for example self-restraint in not having sex prior to marriage is good or evil. I do not know whether it is good or evil but I think that it is evil but i am Open to the possible possibility that it may be good .on the other hand my partner didn’t want at least to consider the possibility. He wanted to stay in his Zone of comfort and does not want to see the truth. Avoiding difficult themes shows that one it’s not sure about one’s opinion and that does not want to be confronted with other possibilities. I do not claim to know the truth but I think that avoiding it is truly evil. On the other hand I know it is very difficult because to change one’s opinion after so many years living in a possible lie damages one very much. On the other hand the truth sets us free. No one can be sure about ones truth- because the only truth is that we have to find it every day and must know that there is not a finite truth. I am afraid that those who want to stay in “their” truth and do not want to be open to change their ideas and opinions will never find it.


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