I reckon that authenticity is the greatest Merit in sincere human relationships and communication. to be as authentic and sincere to others and to myself is the most that I can give and that I can get from others. Truthfulness is the most important premise we can get and give in any communication. to believe in what I say and believe others is the only prerequisite for finding the truth in our communication. Lying in a communication may be beneficial for one party and detrimental for the other but I think that we can reach at a consensus if we all say that lying is evil because it advantages one-party and disadvantages the other. Justice is the highest asset of human character because it wants good for all people not just for oneself. I would not believe if someone told me that lying may be beneficial because I don’t think that such a person would be sincere and I also do not think that he will tell the truth because he may be lying any time. Does logically we arrive at a consensus that the truth exist and is what we all should strive for



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