danger of libel

Libel is a very dangerous thing because it lives a life of its own. Although it may not be truthful,it stays in minds of people that hear it. Although the libel may be a lie,it affect people it tells the lie about. Unfortunately people like to believe that evil things happen to others. Libel is something similar. people like to hee that others has certain misfortunes so that people know that they are not alone in their plight. That is why people read trash magazines which prey on unhappiness and misfortunes of others. People like to read about discovering nude photos of celebrities and so on. I think it is advisable to admit that evil happens to all of us but it is necessary to not let my ego let me tell a lie because I would join the evil . If I tell a lie, a little as it may be, as I said before it lives a life of its own and stays in the minds of people so that even a small lie may cause a great damage.

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