(un)even relationships

I met a friend at the pub whom I haven’t seen for years. She was drunk and asked if I could open a bottle of wine for her. I could not because we were at a bar and she started yelling at the bartender to open the bottle for her. The bartender didn’t want to open it because he wanted to sell his bottles. She started bargaining and wanted to have it open. It seemed to me that the only thing she wanted was to win and to show that she is stronger then men. she even wanted to pay to open the bottle, just to show that she is more powerful than men. I know that she had problems in her relationship and then now her intention was probably to revenge on other men then her former partner. Women should not be docile and week but it is natural for women to be guarded by men, I mean husbands. if a woman tries to deny her role in a partnership as the one that should be cared for she goes I think against what is natural for her. She practically goes against her happiness. same as when men do not take the role of guard of women and are subdued by women. Such an uneven relationship cannot function. Men should guard there wives and women shoes be guarded by their husbands husbands. this does not mean that the a woman is weaker but she is different. men are physically stronger and have the instinct to guard women and women on the other hand need protection and care for their husbands in other way then man do for women.

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