Worldly fame

When is it evil to imagine oneself in a limelight? For example People making photos of how much they can drink is also a lime light because one is good in at least something. Such a behavior shows despondency and the will to be good at least in something – it may be anything even for example stealing or other criminal activities. The danger of the fact that someone is famous or good is that he becomes egoistical. The bitter irony is that if someone is good in criminal activities ,then although he may feel good,he knows that what he does is detrimental. This is also the case of the people that make photos of how much they can drink. those who do not want or cannot be good and meaningful things want to be good in stupid things as for example the amount of liquor one can drink. Everyone wants to be seen and accepted. if the acceptance is not in meaningful things that the acceptance may be among criminals for example. These are the false illusions that make us think that the we are somebodies ,that we mean something that we can change things. The agent of change is as Bernd simon claims in social identity one of the greatest factors that make our social and individual identities. Our individual identity is satisfied when our social identity for example acceptance by the group, is high. if we are accepted by majority then we are content individually .being alone then does not mean that we are lonely.being alone with the knowledge that we are accepted is not making us feel lonely. Then being alone doesn’t mean being lonely because I know that I am accepted when I am among people. Nevertheless we have to be very careful to not let those false illusions overtake us. It is the most important thing to do good instead of seeking my own acceptance and my own power in this world. Those are powerful ,who know that they are powerful in a good way( power over myself) self-restraint to be able to fight with me ego and not need to exhibit my worldly power and meaning anyhow, for example in photos how much alcohol they can drink. Those who are satisfied with themselves do not need any audience and any worldly plaudits

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