Anti conception

It is terribly important to denote new things in order to know that they are evil. we do not need words for descriptive purposes but for prescriptive. To see if what i do or do not do is good or evil. There is never a finite answer,but finding the truth is never finite,it is a neverending process,but through words i can see that things i considered good may not be good at all. I recall an instance when i persuaded my friend to stop taking anticonception just by showing her that through such behaviour she damages her physical body,her mind and also her relationship. She herself saw that i am right and that she was so blind by considering totally evil behaviour for normal. Words were enough to totally change her attituted if not towards her life then at least to partnership and towards her body. Through words we can make the world a better just by constructing situations different from what they are now and then people can understand and agree that something may be better than it is now. Anticonception makes the natural flow and continuity between two people artificially hindered. Buy some this may be viewed as positive but It’s only supporting egotistical humans’ needs. Moreover it leaves all responsibility on the woman . man has no responsibility . About which equality between men and women can then we talk? Can we see destruction of natural fertility and growth of egoism and bodily pleasure as positive? Anti conception inevitably strengthens the view in men that women may be used whenever he wants her to use which is not natural. It diminishes women to only a tool for pleasure not an object of Love which should be cared for. Anti conception says that to relish in men’s lust is good. Now it depends on an individual conscience whether after such a knowledge one goes on taking anti conception as a good thing and whether one has a clear conscience by claiming that its good.

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