Keeping secrets

I dare say that egoism is the opposite of truth. Truth cannot be found when i see just myself. Egoism also corresponds with not telling all the truth-with selecting what i say,which secrets i keep. Why not telling all truth? If i let on everything then I do not need to worry about what I say is good or evil. How can I be so sure if that’s what I choose to say is the right thing to say? keeping secrets means basically being egotistical. By keeping secrets I do not mean things that someone told me in order to keep them in secret. Keeping secrets about oneself is what I mean. If I do good then I’m not afraid to tell anything and don’t have a reason to keep any secrets. If I do not want to tell everything about myself then it indicates that I’m not in peace with myself. atonement with oneself is what should be sought in everyone’s mind and soul

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