Idea x Ideal

Many people believe in the idea of God, how they imagine him, in dogmatic rules instead of believing in the real ideal of God . beliving in idea is always misleading because it’s basically a lie,my idea which does not have much in common with reality. on the other hand the ideal of God which is allpervasive and stems from our selfs is the true God not only idea. Jesus didn’t follow the prescript of 6 working days and one resting day. He healed whenever it was necessary and even called hypokrites those who tried to stop him- those who wanted to keep the dogmatic views instead of natural law of things. Let us not follow our visions of what God is, let us not follow any prescripts, anyones ideas,but let’s let us dig deep into our hearts and follow the ideal of true God,ideal which we believe in if we follow our conscience. Rules are useful of course but rules should never be put before human .

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