Absurdity of swearing

I find myself swearing so many times about totally absurd things. This brings me to a question-can there be a meaningful swearing? Is not swearing just a way to releive tension,and if it is so,is there something bad about it? If someone uses a swear word in order to emphasize something it,to add strength to my words,to make them effective if other means of communication are futile,then such a usage may not be wrong. It is always important to distinguish between usage of such words to make myself look tough(for example among friends to strengthen my position),which is the same as smoking,stealing etc. Using swear words in order to elevate my ego inevitable brings us to a vicious circle-there is not a way how to elevate it endlessly. This bring the young people to a criminal carreer,from swearing,stealing to assault and even worse to show the community that they are tough. If the children are not helped in their beginning in such communities of “friends”,then there is a danger od their criminal future. The children must be shown that swearing to look better in the eyes of their companions does not make them so,just the opposite unfortunately. It may of course strenghten a collective identity for a while,but things that harm me (swearing) or others (stealing) are nothing to be proud of. The need to look good (very often in the eyes of the other sex) is a residue from people prehistoric past. There was a time when the law of jungle and strength was the only way to survive,attract a mating partner,exhibit power etc. Today the power to help others,although they may become more powerful than myself she be upheld. Helping other even though they may then not help me should not make me careless to their plight. In social care this is very often the case. Is a social care worker helps his client so that he does not need social service any more,he looses a client. Nevertheless,such help is meaningful. It is the opposite to the capitalistic system which wants to attain and retain as many clients as possible. There is something more than just keeping myslef stronger than others. When i try to do good,then such action is meaningful even though i may consequently become weeker(or those i helped stronger and use the strength to hurt me).

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