Can a dogma be good?

can dogmaticism in any way be good? God said Do not eat from this tree. He did not say why. Adam and Eve could be in an eternal bliss should they follow dogmaticism(irrational following of any prescript). this is basically what I try to warn against all the time and yet dogmaticism finds itself in the Bible. Christ also says many things which one may not fully understand,but I dare say that all of what Christ says makes sense even to unbeliever,for example judging other,the golden rule,compassion etc. Any dogma should not be take too seriously. Shoud God tell me to not do some concrete thing, I would not do it. I am on the other never sure whether it is Gods voice or not. We must be sceptic about our perception and take the phenomenology of things that come into account. Things appear to us in a certain way,we all perceive things differently and how things appear to us is different from what they really are. We must be uncertain about our perception of things and we must be conscious that phenomenology of things,how we see them differs from what the things really are. The truth of things is what should be sought-here the certainty diminishes. The more we are getting rid of our egoistical views the more truth is revealed to us. We should accept that how things appear to us may not be a finite,complete unchangeable truth. Being open to discussion,other people’s experience is the key to finding the truth. Wisdom is the knowledge that truth cannot be found but endless looking for it is the only way how to find a meaning in our lives and consequently the unatteinable truth itself.

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