Believing in sacraments

How important are sacraments in the life of a Christian? I’m thinking whether it is really necessary to believe in all the sacraments . one may believe in God, in Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit because Jesus Christ said so but what if we do not believe that for example communion is Christ flesh or that in a confession the priest is really the one chosen by Christ and church to release us from our sins? St.augustine said : love and then do whatever you want to do. It is really easy to say that one does not believe in God and Jesus, in conscience and communion or in confession. getting rid of sacraments is an easy thing and it can be done anytime. Unless it harms me then I should not have a reason to get rid of Sacraments. On the other hand,faith is not about empirical proofs. When reading the parable about Lazarus and the rich man we are told that if people do not listen to Prophets then they would not believe when someone dead came to them. Rich man wants Abraham to come down and talk to his brothers. Jesus tells us that we should not want to know everything or need proof for everything. It is only necessary to believe and then the truth will be some time or other revealed to us. If we do not believe in the voice of our conscience then as Christ said we would not believe even if Saint would come down and tried to persuade us about something(parable of Lazarus). If faith would be verifiable then it would not be faith. God wants us to believe not to know. If we did know everything then we would not have a way to earn heaven. It is same with sacraments.the first thing is to love, if we love then we do not need to be afraid whether we believe in Sacraments or not. such things are then irrelevant. If I can honestly say that Sacrament does not help me in my loving God and others then I would have a reason and a duty do not believe in it. if a Sacrament helps me in my spiritual life then I do not have a reason to get rid of it. If I do not feel anything then I still do not have a reason to get rid of it but rather have faith in God the he will show me the way

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