Looking forward,to what?

I read about a survey that says that dopamine is released most in human brain when one is looking forward to something not when want gets it. This is very fundamental when talking about Rewards in heaven. Never the less I feel a certain meaninglessness in rejoicing about something which I might never get. we should rejoice in this life as well because we have everything we need . we may look forward to being in heaven although we may never get there and although heaven may not exist at all. This we do not know and yet we can be happy. Happiness should not depend on some future which we hope to get but on the present moment. There is a reason to do good not for some future reward in heaven but for this present moment. If one is satisfied with being good without getting a reward then one can be sure that one gets it. If I do something for any reward then I may be sure that I will not get it.

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