An ideal occupation

In todays capitalistic society I think that pay very often does not correspond with the amount of work one does. Of course we have labourers who are paid very little and bosses and managers who are paid well,but this is not exactly the case. Why we so often consider those being paid more than us as socially higher,having a better rank than us,who may not be so well paid but may be doing a beneficial job for the society? This also works vica versa. The greater responsibility,the better should be the salary,but it seems to me that this logic is threatened today. It is natural to consider those with a more demanding occupation,more responsoble job, as those who should be adequately paid. When those are paid little,their occupation is seen not se worthy but as derogative. On the other hand occupation that is paid well but contains little effort or responsibility is seen as worthy just because of the money one gets. This twisted logic destroys peoples attitudes towards meaningful occupations and steers them towards occupations that are only well paid but often meaningless. Many my mates at high school went to faculties of economics just because they know that there they will be paid. I do not say or think that faculty of economics is a bad idea,but logically,such an amount of people there and so few people at faculties where there may not be so great an income leads paradoxically to lack of money in the lucrative branch and moreover disillusionment and dissatisfaction with an occupation one does not like.

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