Money and children in a purse

I noticed that many people carry photos of their dearest in their purses. Do they consider money as important as their childrens and husbands or do they consider their family as important as money? This discussion of course may seem ridiculous and pointless but there is a hint of strangeness when I compare those I like with money which I like(?) As well. Let us not delve into a discussion of the necessity of money but let us consider the unconscious effect that we may encounter when we place our dearest at the same place as we put our money. Everytime I open my purse I see a picture of my child. May The Nearness of the photos and money cause anything? Subconsciously when I reach for money I think about the money and I see the photo and i think about my child. It also functions vica versa -later when I see my child my memory reminds me of the money. This may not play any role but on the other hand our conscience is a very powerful thing. I think we can agree that money isn’t as important as the family . of course today we need money to survive but more than anything we need a family to which money can help us. Let us be careful about placing money in the proximity of our dearest be it in physical or metaphorical sense

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