Sexuality and sin

I was arguing with my cousin about what is sex prior to marriage. He asked me if oral sex or reciprocal masturbation is sex or no. I told him not to think in this Paradigm of what is good,what is not so good what is almost evil and what is totally wrong. The question of whether Penetration of 5 centimeters is not sex and 10 centimeters is already sex is not possible. If someone gets aroused sexually by kissing them kissing already his cell phone. Anything that brings sexual pleasure prior to marriage is sinful .for someone even holding hands May be sexual and then one should avoid it. On the other hand we should not be afraid of touching the partner anywhere in order to learn if it still makes me aroused sexually or not. We should not be afraid of touching the other anywhere but we always must be ready to stop touching him or her if it arouses me or the partner

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