altruism x egoism

a friend of mine was at my place and went to take sth out of my fridge without asking. At first i did not notice that it might be rude but I realized that i did not mind him doing it because i like when people feel at home at my home. I think it is good to be altruistic,loving sharing with others,not thinking about keeping all for myself or about getting it reciprocally back some time in the future. Ego would be revealed if i did not want anyone to take my property. Via letting others take my share i show that i am not egoisitic and that i can be trusted-good generally,for others is more important than egoistical selfish good and well-being just for myself. On the other hand,being too altruistic is also not making me reliable. If i am afraid of stoping other from abusing me or stealing my share-if they do it not out of necessity but for their ego,then i cannot be trusted. It is necessary to look for an equilibrium-not being egoistical in not sharing with others,but also not letting myself be too altruistic as to let myself be robbed.

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