I often ride along a parking place where the drivers have to wait until someone on the main road lets them go when they want to drive out of the parking place. It is a great feeling to let them go out although noone has the obligation to let them. I feel good when i let them go and they can feel good because they see that not all people are so egoisitic as to ignore those “in need” (of leaving the parking place). The relationship must be symmetric-reciprocal. I must let the driver go in front of my car and not feel as a better person but also as someone humiliating oneself in order to serve others. Same the driver must not feel as if he were hurting me when i let him go or using my benevolence in order to misuse it. This if often the problem in capitalistic society. Those who are benevolent and mild (although intentionally trying to by humane and humble,not in any derotative humiliating sense) are seen as week and those who are strong prey on them because they think that the week has to be used and exploited. The strong do not know that it may be a voluntary choice-to not appear strong,arrogant but humble and small. The capitalists should understand that being humble does not mean being weak. Same when one let other to go first-this may not mean that one is afraid or shows weakness-just the opposite,one shows how good it is to not take advantage of others.

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