Turning back

Turning back on anybody is a very powerful tool of trust and a mechanism how to build  trust and develop trustworthiness. A dog turns one´s belly just on those that he trusts. SImilarly with people. If I turn my back (not metaphorically to ignore him) on anybody ,then I show that I trust such a person. It must be a proof of trust not of dislike or contempt against people. By letting others see my back I show them that I trust them and that I do not have to attend them all them time. It is also necessary to know that people do not attack me when I turn my back on them because they are afraid of sanctions. If in the society a repressive forces control the peace and order then trust cannot be build – trust can only work and thrive in a surrounding of a free choice. If I do not have a choice then I cannot build trust and will not be trustworthy for others – If I behave correctly only because I am afraid of repression. For example soldiers in the army must trust those around them that they will cover their backs and not make use of them not paying attention. Among group of soldiers there is a great potention for trust, because the more the surrounding is unfriendly, the greater is the need to build a save surrounding within a smaller group – the more intensive is the need to trust among few people than among many people. on the other hand, if the soldiers trust other soldiers not because they choose so but because they depend on them for their lives, then there is again no free choice and the trust is artifical, not voluntary.


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