Difference between Good and Evil

Is there something as an unbiased opinion? I think that when someone use words to describe a situation which is readable for everyone who understands words the speaker uses, this situation can be considered in dichotomy of Good and Evil by the hearer. if someone describes something I have no experience about, he uses unique concepts for descriptive means which are not absolute. if someone uses a situation which is not unique then we can agree with the situation in terms of good or evil. I read about a man who was poisoning dogs. It is not possible to judge people but we can try to look into it reasons and consequences of such Behavior. What if the person who poisons dogs has some bad experience and is afraid of them and that is the reason why he kills them. It may not be an evildoer because he can’t help himself because he is afraid of them. On the other hand if someone satisfies one’s sadistic desires to hurt other then these people should be helped or at least confronted about their behavior. It is very important not to judge people but try to discuss things with them so that they can see that what they do is evil. Anything can be seen as good but are actually harmful. People smoke , drink too much and may not know or may not acknowledge that this harms them.

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