human entelechy

Is it possible to deny our destiny,our ‘true’ determination? We as sentient being are I believe spiritual and our teleology is to love,or more technically a peaceful cohabitation with all species and specially all people. Entelechy of a worm is to become a butterfly ,there is no other way. todays people exchange the state od being good for goods sake for the state of being good for ego’s sake-just for myself,my self,my ego. true happiness does not dwell in satisfying our human needs but in sacrificing our human needs for some higher principles-love,truth,for some people civilisation,for some naturalness or wildness. I always liked Thoreau’s notion of wildness-the state which can be lived not only and predominantly in wildreness bit a wildness of a spirit can be experienced anywhere and anytime. Wildness,freedom of choice to do good or not to do good does not lie in any determination of our natures but in our choice-its up to us,we either satisfy our ego and live as worms or fulfill the entelechy of our mankind and our soul and become butterfiles

Poslané z Fast notepad


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