trust,betrayal and forgiveness

The need to trust others and be trustworthy is basically a biolgical need of safety. We need to trust others to feel save and logically be trustworthy for others if we want them to trust us. According to Maslow pyramid of needs the need to be safe is basically the same need as to avoid hunger and pain. On the other hand,we may uplift the need from biological perspective to ethical perspective. If we take the trust and trustworthiness as a princip,not as something we depend on biologically,then we may be trustworthy even for those who may want to harm us-the trust is build in order to build safety and if those around us are not trusted-trustworthy,they are ergo not safe to be with. Anyway,if i dismiss this biological need to trust others and trust even those untrustworthy,then i may reach a higher status of trustworthiness-a spiritual,ethical trust in humanity and a certain human which for the time being may not be trustworthy but which is not doomed for me for ever. I should be willing to give those who betray my trust another chance,be ready to forget and forgive as many times as possible

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