will to damage our selves

The fact that sth is not moral depends on the concrete human. If sth is Moral depends also on individual conscience but we as human beings are capable of understanding that some things are wrong although no one may think so-can i judge that smoking is immoral?empirically said it is detrimental to our health,but this does not mean that it is immoral for that concrete person. I think it is important to show that Morality as an eternal value is not depending on individual conscience. The fact that smoking is detrimental does not proove that it is immoral. Morality and immorality depends on individual conscience,but Morality is everlasting. It is not good to smoke,although it brings relief or because it damages health,the main reason is that it tells us that ego and my pleasure is more important than my free will.the will to keep myself gratifiying my body and ego is more detrimental that the smoking itself. Conretely it is not possible to judge people who smoke,but abstractly we may say about any such activity which keeps us thinking about our ego that such activity damages our selves because it says that body and ego is more important to satisfy than freedom and independence on any such activity -smoking including

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