A letter to a Jihadist

How can I convince anyone about the morality of good and evil, right and wrong? In Western culture, we are so developed very much thanks to the Christian values but do we still want uphold these values? We are not afraid to ignore them and accept others if those other values are momentarily advantageous for us. We exchanged values of the truth with values of the economic income, everything is counted, exchanged, seen as profit. The truth as Jesus says, to love other as yourself is exchanged for a meaningless phrases of conventions. The change of heart must come from outside. How can one believe in the Truth and Love if one kills and hurts others but his conscience is in accord with his morality because he does not want to see the consequences one causes? If the ethics of defeating all others is supported by all others, why would one see some other way out than what all the others do? If we are so prone to leave our values be forget and the forgetting call compromising then we should not be surprised when those who stick to their values come and impose their values upon our feeble remnants of past that we would rather forget, because we envy those thanks to who we are in such civilized state here and now. How can those uncivilized come to a conclusion that being good to others might be a better option that defeat those who are other and different to what I believe is correct way of living. Noone has the right to impose any culture and any way of living on anybody. We can only show via words and examples of our ways of lives, that there ispossibly a better way of living than by killing those who do not conform to my belief. The Morality should not be based on any religion but on the inherent quality of every spiritual being which is the will to reach the Truth and Love.


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