being independent?

i found my old t-shirt which i had inscribed with ‘Independent’, to show that i am not depending on anybody. I do not say that some people,maybe we all went through a phase of rebellion against anything and everything,usually in the adolscence period. What is immoral about such an inscription? On one hand,we all should be independent,live our own way,do not listen to persuasions of other but follow the dictates of our hearts, but on the other,there is always a certain dependence-either on community or family or on some higher being,on God-here the dependence is inevitable and if one does not accept such dependence but even wears such a sign od rebellion against God on his shirt,then such a behaviour is immoral and despicable. The immorality lies basically in self-damaging features. If one does not accept that his life depends on the always loving will of God,then the one hurts oneself.

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