Morality x religion

I read a quote that true morality is doing what is right withou the vision of either reward or retribution in the future or after death. I cannot agree more. As a practicing catholic I cannot say that I do not believe in heaven and hell,but what i do or do not do according to my conscience is my own choice which is not predetemined by fear or by joy in the future. This should be the true religion for everybody,instead of arguing about which religion is the best(which is never resolvable so why losing time),.we should live according to our conscience and then religion begins to be redundant. I think that what i read in the evangeline,what Jesus said and preached is nothing new in the sense that we as spiritual beings all hage God within our hearts and thus inevitably know(if we open and look into our hearts) what to do.

Poslané z Fast notepad


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