Society today

We live in a society of allpervasive control and surveillance. Government and powers that be want to keep us in a sort of Menagerie. By consumer Style we are kept prisoners of our occupations. the powers-that-be want us to spend our money but most people get as little money as possible to keep the economy running and keep the rich people very rich. Bread and circuses is a saying that resembles today’s society very much. People get enough bread and enough games to keep themselves occupied instead of revolting. when people satisfy their basic biological needs there will be no Revolution . That is the reason why alcohol is so cheap. As long as people have enough to live on and are kept in fear of losing their job but will not get a job which is better paid because then they would become thirsty for more,the few powerful people will remain powerful. It is immoral by those powerful towards the poor to be kept in such a state of Menagerie. The rich people do not want us to be rich because they would have to share power. On the other hand the mass of working people,the proletariat Must be kept in control and satisfied because it is literally and virtually more powerful than the few rich people.the restrictive Services as police and prisons (rsa- in Althussers terms-repressive state apparatus and isa-ideologic state apparatus-schools ) act on behalf of the super rich what would be destroyed if the mass rise up against them. The problem is that the mass media need a coordinator. Unfortunately It is impossible to find an enlightened coordinator, a ruler as Plato suggests and thus most people will spend most of their life in a sort of (un)voluntary Menagerie. Many people voluntarily follow other people. I think it is impossible to trust anyone more than myself and thus trusting anybody implicitly is immoral because I voluntarily deny myself

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