A paradigm of enviromental protection

I listened to a BBC production podcast about poachers and preservation of nature and animals. I though to myself what makes poaching a bad thing. We live today in a paradigm that we must keep the planet healthy, preserve all plants and animals but is this really the best way? We are not animals that would kill of a species of other kind in order to feed the group, we do not kill for satisfying hunger but mostly for money – this is of course evil. But the paradigm of preserving species any price notwithstanding may not be the best one. I do not want to claim that if we want to we may kill of any species we want to, but rather to think about the “sacredness” of any biological species. We humans may not live forever and so may not live any other kind. Poachers who kill for money and not to satisfy hunger are presumably evil but the paradigm we live under is also a kind of menageries – wanting us to perform certain action which we should belive is right and correct. Any individual conscience which I believe is also a collective one should tell us that destroying animals or plants or planets just for the sake of something more, something we do not need is an evil thing to do. If there were no laws there would be no sins. If everyone listened to one´s heart, to the prescription which is natural for all of us – do to other what you want them to do to you, then we would need no laws. If some species dies off, then maybe its best for other species. There are species that were and will not be again but there may be other species that appear after those who die. Human today thinks that he is the lord of all beings and that without his help of protection of nature nothings goes right. On one hand this is true, because if it were not for his evil doing the protection would now not be neccessary, but on the other hand the plant can live as well withou humans as with them (us). There is a natural order and balance in this world and if we think that the plant cannot live without ourselves then we only support our superficial conscience and ego that we humans are indispensable for this planet which is of course false.


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