Love vs infatuation

I would like to philosohize a little about the difference between love nad infatuation. Most people think that all the romantic stories, songs etc are about love but the truth is that they are about infatuation in most cases. People like to be infatuated, live according to my vision of the other person and not take truth about the partner into account- this is love. Loving the other his/hers fault notwithstanding. On one side seeking a partner is showing humbleness because it says that only when we are two we are complete, but on the other hand many people seek a partner and intimacy because they crave it for their own pleasure. Infatuation is about taking mostly, but love is about giving mostly and that is what we do not like so much. We like much more to live according our views and not according to what is truthful-about the other person. If one seeks a partner just for the sake of not being alone or to fulfill conventions about having family, house ,children etc then such partnership is envitably doomed. One has to look deep into one´s conscience to see if one is really incomplete alone, or whether aloness is for him the right path in life. We biologically try to avoid loneliness but loneliness can be much more intensive in a partnership of two people than when being alone.


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