The prototype of a man hero

Here I would like to theoretize about the prototype of a man her in the Shrek movie which I saw. From my experience what women need is two main characteristics in men –reliability( trustworthiness) and dominance. We may of course add other assets but I think that these two sets of characteristics are such that all women want. Shrek is on one hand strong(dominance) but on the other reliable becasuse he is willing to give up his comfort and ego in order to save the princess although he lives quite satisfactorily in his swamp. Although Shrek keeps his strenght he is tolerant enough to get rid of it for the sake of goodness of his princess (he is willing to change his nature of an ogre) and also of others and is also willing to help others – here we see a merger of dominance and reliability. If a hero in a fairy-tale lacks any of there characteristics then the fairy-tale does not convey its romantic message because women implicitly seek dominance and reliability in men – in romantic relationships.


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