the “seriousness” of election

We had an election last weekend and I read somewhere an analysis that most people vote just on the spur of the moment, that they do not think their choice thoroughly. This basically says that the better the campaign the better will be the result. People are not so much interested in the truth but in the semblence of prestige and how the parties present themselves – which does not have much in common with the truth. I watched then the leaders of the winning parties in the TV, how well they looked, presented the result as immensly important etc but then I though about the electorate. Here we see a great contrast between the truth -that people do not really vote for the politicans but just and only for the semblance of what they believe in and if the party knows what it is then the party will win. In the light of this knowledge the seriousness of the politicians´ behaviour seemed ridiculous then. Politicans seem to take it very seriously but in fact also know that their victory is not based on their work but just on the campaign. Now the seriousness turns to absurdity. If the politicans thinks that he rules because people want precisely him then he is misleaded. He is virtually ignored by the electorate because he was not chosen by them but only the vision of people was chosen and voted for.


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