Right and wrong influence

It sometimes happens to me that when I’m not sure about what is right and what is wrong I let myself be too influenced by the people around me. Although I am the boss of our department, when I’m not sure about the right decision I let,sometimes unwillingly my colleagues to talk me to things I wouldn’t possibly agree with. On one hand this is of course wrong but on the other hand How can I be sure that they have not better knowledge and opinions than me. On one hand I want to be open and tolerant to the views of others but on the other hand from my position I should be the one who makes decisions. I think that making decisions about others is a very dangerous. On one hand it is important to be open to the opinions of others but on the other hand it is even more important to stand by one’s opinions and fulfill the dictates of ones conscience because it is our aim to live our lives according to our conscience,if we let others to defice for us then we are just puppets-and there is a vast difference between being open to different opinions in order to find the right solutions and between letting myself be used by others

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