Good criticism

If someone scolds you, do not let your ego to overcome you .I think it happens to all of us some time or the other. We are chastized or criticised and instead of asking our conscience what to we fight against the critics-who possibly want to show us a better way, a new direction. I may be a better person if I direct the creative energy not in a destucive anger towards the person who wants to help me. Of course the critic of us may be egoistic and the person who does it is not a good one and wants to uphold one´s ego instead of helping us, but there is a “little” truth in everything what one says, what if the person is right. I think that it is better to be humble and listen to the criticism and not direct the anger towards those who criticise me. If i belive honestly and truly that what i do is a good thing then i may try to convince my critic and opponent what he is not right. I may even use anger but even anger has to be constructive. If i am angry just in order to hurt others, to defend my impenetreble fortress of ego and need to have always the truth, then i only hurt others and what is even more evil- I hurt unwillingly myself. The anger towards inequality, ignoring human rights and so on is a just anger and if somone is kept cold by the injustice instead of using a constructive anger against those who cause such a plight then such a person is in my view a weak one. Even anger can be good, we see this in evangeline where Jesus was very angry with the merchants who used the church not to praise father but to sell their goods. If i believe that something is wrong then in accordance with my conscience i may and should use a constructive anger in order to get the world rid of injustice. On the other hand such an anger is something that must be justified and anger against my critics is very often something that is not justifiable. Much more often and i see this on myself the case is that one wants to defeat those who criticize him although he knows that they are right. One does not want to accept that he is not right and instead of admiting it, one still lives in the old live, supports his egoism and thus gets into a vicous cycle of never being on the right path.


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