Morality of jokes

I heard a story about a suicide advice somewhere. It said that once someone wants to commit a suicide by hanging, he should put something below his body because when the muscles are left uncontrolled and relieved then the inner fluid and feces leave the body. When I first heard it, it seemd sarcastic of course but when I thought about it again, i think it is reaľly horrific. Is it even moraľly possible to joke about such things? is it possible to joke about the value of human life and if yes, then can such a joking be to such a degree of vulgarity as here in this joke? we did not get any moral of the story but only a bitter feeling that there is nothing in this life sacred. This joke is not a joke at all but a great tragedy of ones thnking. Of course one may suppose that i am too prudent or too rigid a moralist without a bit sense of humor, but this brings us again to the first question,is it possible to joke about the most sacred thing we have in life, our life?

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