Deceitful advertisments

What are advertisments good for? Imagine any advertisment you remember and you will be surprised that it is virtually not about the consumer items it pretenses to be. Advertisment do not sell products but dreams. The famous marlboro advertisment of cowboys does not have anything in common with cigarettes. It sells the nostalgia of past, of the frontier and freedom, guns, bandits, trains, indians, sallons and bank robberies. There is nothing about cigarettes in the advertisment. Young boys of course are charmed by the nostalgie and that is the reason why sellers of marlboro cigarettes will never give up the deceptive ad. Boys see the cowboys, horses and so on and think that their dream of becoming cowboys, who of us boys never wanted to be one, and are prone to buy the cigarettes because the ad tells them the lie that by smoking one happens to be a cowboys. Simillarly with a certain tullamore dew ad. There is a scene in a pub where there are all friends, can trust each other, feel save and just feel good. The ad tells us that this is due to the fact that they have this brand of whiskey, again we are deceived that by drinking, drinking this concrete brand, we will be happy, content, have enough friends etc. Most ads are like this. In any ad where there is a familly show notice that the wife usually stays home with children and the man leaves for work, this strenghtens the stereotypes we have about women. If a woman works she will be portrayed as a teacher, a secretary or as baby carrer.i have nothing against women staying home with children while the man is the breadwinner, but the stereotypes are strenghtened in all the ads showing a family. By accepting this style we say that women belong to a certain occupation and are unwilling to admit that they can perform as well as men and in many profession, now devoted to men ,even better.

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