I m thinking ábout why people voluntarily hate other people and even relish in the hatred against others? When i was geťing on the bus today a man was reproaching a woman that did not hear the warning about the departure. She said that she wiľl not get angry with him because she leaves for a vacation and the man still persisted in an egoistic stupid reproaching, the woman instead of apollogizing for his inaťentiveness also persisted in the verbal fight against the man and thus they both were kept in a vicious circle of hate. If she forgave him and ignored him, not egoistically or haughtily he might understand that his talking was stupid. She could have also said to him that his talk does not help but this would have to be said with truthful honesty so that the man would not feel subdued. Those who do evil things need to be shown the right path not by hurting them, but by showing them that evil doing is no good for anybody. I see this also on myself. I cannot stand those pop cultural celebritities who relish in the appearance and not in what is really real and true. I have this hatred within me and know that i must fight it. Those exhibitionist make me angry everytime i see them, not only celebrities but also those with piercings, tattoes etc, because i primarily think of them as exhibitionists. I saw a poster of one singer saluting. This singer pays much attention to appearance, clothing, goes to gym and in this saluting position he has the biceps very visible, although in saluting it is natural to have the arm relieved, there is definitely no need to show the biceps, this i call exhibitionism. From what i write i again feel the hate and know that we all are Gods children and should love each other and be tolerant. Yet when i consider this exhibitionism evil, then on one hand I must fight my egoism of feeling beťter than them but on the other it is important to say my opinion about the evil of exhibitionism because it strenghtens the ego within us.

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