Blind reliance

Today I was climbing a hill and had no map, nothing but a narrow path with color signs on it. There was nobody, i did not meet any other tourist. All day there was a thick fog around me so that I could not see a things, just the path sometimes colorfully signed. I relied basically with all my life on this little path and this color. The nearest village was not far away but if I went in the wrong direction I might not meet anything in days, which was in this fog not improbable. How often it happens in live that we rely too blindly on thins and people we believe but which my betray us willingly or not so willingly? Take for example electricity and internet. We live as if these things should last for ever, but the probability of electric shortage or a sudden breach in the distribution is more and more toppical. We do not want to hear that there is really such a possiblility and will be really unpreapared when such a situation emerges. On one hand one should not be afraid all thetime because not everything can be avoided, on the other, why should people live blindly in this comfort and safety we now have? The war in the near east is not so far away and the consequences, the immigration crisis is very toppical even for such a state as our little cosy from all sides protected Czech Republic.

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