Good boss

I think that what makes one a good boss is not the fact how demanding is he on his employees, but how trustworthy he is for them. In my carreer on the leading position I also undergone a certain change of an approach. At first I thought that the more surveillence I have upon my employees the better boss I shall be. Now after more than a year I see that the more responsibility one gives his subordinates the more trustable he shall be. The trust must be voluntary, it must not be forced by the subordinates. The trust must be deserved by the employees. Once they gather trust then they are much more satisfied. In their and with their work. For example when I am ať the working place and there comes a client of ours and asks me about something, then I have the power to take the responsibility from my subordinate colleague and do it according to my will as I would when I began working on the leading position. Now when such a situation emerges, then I try to delegate the responsibility on the colleague. By giving him the responsibility about a situation that I can handle but do not need to make them feel trusted which is in my view the most important thing. The more responsibility they have, the better they feel. On the other hand, the boss must keep a boundary about which he makes decisions. If the subordinates want to take up responsibility, it must be with the approaval of the boss. If the employee would take the responsibility out of his will, then there would be the boss vs employee relationship broken. The boss shoud trust the employee and the employee must trust the boss that he keeps the responsibility on the employee without surveiling him all the time.

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